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How do you use QR codes?

There is much debate as to whether consumers actually use the QR codes (short for quick response codes) that many businesses are now using around the world. Although some people love the handiness (no pun intended) of it, but others feel that it is a waste of time and energy. My question to you is, how do you use these codes, or rather, DO YOU use these codes? Many restaurants and shops are offering coupons and promotions for consumers who scan their QR code—it either takes them to their website, or to a simple URL that offers the discounts. 

An article released by illustrates the specific uses for the QR codes:

A QR code holds data both horizontally and vertically, unlike a bar code, which holds information only horizontally.

The square shape allows the QR code to store approximately 90 alphanumeric characters for a standard 33×33 square, while a UPC code holds only 12 numerals.

A study by comScore found that 14 million mobile phone users scanned QR codes in June; half of them did so through magazines and newspapers. The codes are used to share:

—A simple URL or contact information

Nutrition stats for fast food

—A company’s brand, like Louis Vuitton’s colorful illustrated code

—Interactive profiles and story pages on tombstones

—A greeting for fellow digiphiles on T-shirts


Now, get your smartphone out and scan this code: It is my hope that you’ll use it to search for San Diego or Coronado properties while on the go!! What else would you like to be able to access from this QR code?


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